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Send your text messages with visual impact by adding more color and icons.

Add icons, color and life to your text messages or social media status updates.

Zlango Messaging is Free, Download Now.

Start texting with Zlango and bring every text message to life. Add the icons that suit your mood in every message & status update to Facebook, Twitter, Google +.

Zlango is a messaging application that adds icons, color, skinZ and personal expression to your text messages and status updates. Zlango has a huge variety of icons for every day, holidays, and special events. Just love the SkinZ and pop-up messaging features? Use Zlango as your default text messaging application. Whatever suits your mood, it’s your choice.

Don’t want to be so expressive Today? Use Zlnago as your default text messaging application and turn the icons on and off at will or when they best suit your mood or message. Zlango is fun even when there are no icons.

Use ZlangOut now and create your status update with your favorite Zlango icons and post right from your phone.

★ Download Zlango Free.
★ Add great SkinZ to personalize your phone
★ Quick reply pop-up messaging
★ Post colorful and vibrant updates to Facebook, Twitter & Google plus
★ Enhanced SMS experience
★ Notifications for new messages
★ Ready-made greetings and quick text reply
★ Free Zlango live wallpapers for your phones desktop
★ Zlango brings your text messages to life.

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12 gennaio 2013
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